Miggy In The Morning

He’s a New Yorker by birth, and a personality by trade, but when it comes to Fresno radio over the last decade Miggy Santos (“Miggy in the Morning”) is an icon.

On the air since the age of 16, Miggy has work experience in the Big Apple, Green Bay, Las Vegas, and even guided listeners through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

“It has always been a passion of mine to help musicians grow their careers and get their music to as many people as possible,” explains the high-energy, ratings champion with the infectious laugh.

“Miggy in the Morning” burst onto the Fresno radio scene in 2007 with the launch of Y101.  After (7) years of ratings dominance and a larger-than-life local persona, Miggy left the market for a stint in Sin City.

Before long, One Putt Broadcasting came-a-callin’ and gave Miggy and his morning show the return to Fresno…  a city he missed and loves.

“It just feels right,” he explained of returning to Fresno on the new and locally-owned Now 99.3.

“I’m a pop music junkie and I can probably sing you any pop song imaginable,” he quipped.  “I wake up so early that I’m usually in bed by 8:30 on most ‘school nights.’  I’m also a Pitbull lover and want to do everything I can to help educate others about the breed.  Oh, and I love food!  In fact, I’m a food freak!”

Catch “Miggy in the Morning,” on Now 99.3 fm, Monday thru Saturday from 6am til 10am.